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right granted by law or contract (especially a right to benefits)

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We have assigned pluses to the "nays" because this landmark legislation establishes a major new unconstitutional entitlement program.
The rising costs of entitlement programs like Social Security Disability Insurance threaten seniors and the financial security of the whole country," Slobodien said.
Any tax cuts or tax subsidies must be paid for either through offsetting tax increases or cuts in federal entitlement program like Social Security and Medicare.
Adams urged that the expansion be made permanent, saying, "This entitlement program should be recognized for what it is -- tangible repayment of the nation's debt to all men and women, including reservists, who have volunteered to serve.
In 1983, the legislature passed the Water Quality Assurance Act, and in 1986 the State Underground Environmental Response Act was passed, creating a no fault public health entitlement program similar in many ways to Medicare/Medicaid.
Specific to the current political debate about Social Security reform, investors don't expect this entitlement program to be a significant source of retirement income.
This increase in funding is a result of the new expanded Cal Grant Entitlement Program effective for the 2001-2002 academic year.
Bennett Ratliff, R-Coppell, says Texans should beware of a possible new entitlement program in disguise, and Mark Miller, the 2014 Libertarian nominee for railroad commissioner, lays out how he would fix the state's oil and gas regulator.
There is a cure: Stop growing the government, stop the government pork, stop the long-term entitlement program, stop trying to be the savior for all the other countries in this world, stop saying yes, and learn the word no.
Contrary to what you may heard, the President's [Preschool for All] plan would not be a new federal entitlement program.
It needlessly sacrifices conservation and feeding assistance programs to finance unlimited insurance subsidies and a new entitlement program for highly profitable farm businesses.
House and Senate committee investigating the new Federal long term care insurance program issued a report today detailing internal government communications concerned about the potential insolvency of what they refer to as a massive new entitlement program.
The newly-created company, Kawacatoose Energy Company, will pursue the development of resource projects on lands and minerals secured by the Nation through the Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement program.
Ryan's plan would reform the entitlement program by converting much of it into private grants, prompting a wave of withering attacks by Democrats warning that Ryan's proposal would harm seniors who rely on Medicare.
Americans were indeed told some six months ago by the Social Security Administration that the federal retirement entitlement program would see benefits paid out exceed payroll deductions paid in by 2016 and that the program's fund would be depleted by 2037.