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Synonyms for entity

Synonyms for entity

one that exists independently

an organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

Words related to entity

that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)

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black), the entitative social categories are made up of nationality (Spaniards and Moroccans in Spain; Brazilians and Paraguayans in Brazil; English and French in England), political beliefs (right or left), religion (Catholics and Muslims in Spain; Catholics and Candomble- an Afro-Brazilian cult- in Brazil; and Christians and Muslims in England), economic conditions (rich or poor) and social condition (policeman and criminal).
The meaning of things are not ideas projected upon objects, but intentional beings abstracted from the entitative beings in which they dwell.
For al-Razi time is not the measure of motion or change, hence not dependent on motion or change; therefore, if it has a positive entitative existence this existence is independent of the existence of motion and change, though, as the above passage shows, not independent of God.
Groups 1 and 2, then, are about values in the possessive or relational sense of the word ("X has value"), while "value" in 3 and 4 is used in the entitative or free-standing sense ("X is a value").
Hence, it would make no sense to become attached to any entitative part of the Buddha.
His presentation there does not bring the problem of the entitative habit into focus.
Elsewhere, (see Chia 1996) I have attempted to show that even Sandelands and Drazin themselves are not prepared to abandon the entitative conception of 'the individual' as the basic unit of organizational analysis.
My own suggestion would be that Derrida in particular but also Heidegger in a more general way both seem to think of being as an activity rather than an entity, a verb rather than a noun, a potentiality that becomes actual only in its entitative instantiations.
2) At other times, accidents do assume an entitative status as concrete particulars that are really distinct from the substances having them.
While such assumptions may be useful for certain projects, they also make invisible other potentially 'useful' assumptions, such as attributes of people not being entitative but an attribution process emerging out of social discourse.
Grace as an entitative elevation of the soul and its faculties gives the human being "a new esse, a new ontology which was the basis of and which demanded a new kind of moral life.
There must be some entitative presence--an element or principle--intrinsic to the parrot which is the source of its distinction from the oak tree.
According to Scripture, the entitative mode in which God is received into the world is that of filiation.
Further, I want to propose by way of hypothesis that for Aquinas the term's primacy sense is existential determination, and in particular the determination of an individual being's act of existing, and that by analogy he extends the term to essence and to any potential principle of entitative determination.
To put this requirement in terms of the naturally known analogy, an act of charity (C) depends proximately on habitual charity (B2), an operative habit in the will (B1), and at the same time depends remotely on sanctifying grace, an entitative habit that modifies substantial form, namely the soul (A).