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Synonyms for entity

Synonyms for entity

one that exists independently

an organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

Words related to entity

that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)

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The mutual accommodation of a being's essence and its existence entailed for its constitution derives ultimately from the act whereby the creator creates the being, the entitative composite of essence and existence.
The result is that sanctifying grace, considered as habitual, is an entitative habit; but, like actual grace, it is operative as well as cooperative.
I emphasize the importance of the theorem of natural proportion in the theology of grace and the critical guideposts it supplies for translating the idea of an entitative habit into the language of interiority.
1) The conscious reflection of the entitative habit is found in a given grasp of evidence, at a most elemental level, and, at the same level, in a given affirmation of value proceeding or emanating from that grasp (a given "yes," where "given" signifies "gift," that is, faith as the knowledge or horizon born of religious love, that is, born of the gift of God's love).
The point of my analysis has been to show that the difference would be described more fundamentally and accurately as the choice between a worldview governed by the assumption that metaphoric signification provides the only proper logic for speaking and thinking of the mystery of God and a worldview governed by the logic of entitative analogies.
God's being as actus purus is the source and ground of all that is, releasing an efficient causality that can never be reduced to the finite entitative actuality of what is created.
In Scholastic metaphysical terms we are talking about an entitative habit rooted in the essence of the soul.
Traditional Catholic accounts of the entitative constitution of human persons share two allied assumptions: first, that one's personhood is incommunicable to others; and second, that God cannot infuse a single rational soul into two or more distinct bodies.
That is, if the nature of God is simply to be, then the personal or entitative reality of God is to be the subject of that unlimited act of being.
The three layers of offline retail network include various entitative pharmacies, such as professional direct-to-patient (DTP) pharmacies owned by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, cooperative/entrusted pharmacies of hospitals and independent retailers.
As such, beauty is not primarily expressive of a transcendent subjectivity that is in some sense "more real" than the objectivity of matter, but of reality in all of its entitative plentitude.
Being and thing refer to the same entitative whole and have the same extension, but they are distinct in intension according to the different entitative parts they signify.
65) Sanctifying grace resides in the essence of the soul as an absolutely supernatural entitative habit; it is possessed gratis, as a free gift.