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a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement

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Asian families are the second major visitors to the entertainment park with 33 per cent of the total numbers," he said, adding that average age of visitors is just 29.
The entertainment park will create thousands of new jobs in the Mexican state of Nayarit and was imagined to encourage tourism visitation to the region.
MTDC sources also said that the project will consist of a large entertainment park comprising a hotel, resorts, restaurants, shops and other recreational activities.
To keep abreast with the high demand of good quality entertainment, Bennies Entertainment Park has undertaken major renovations to improve its services and offer the best quality to its growing number of customers.
Malaysia's Genting Highlands theme park has tied up with studio major 20th Century Fox which will see the latter incorporating several of its legendary films into the famed entertainment park.
According to the report, the YRF Entertainment District, a large-scale entertainment park covering several innovative theme park attractions, a movie palace, hotels and other unique Indian genre entertainment concepts, was announced by Chopra amid much fanfare in 2008.
The Hassan bin Thabit garden in Muharraq is expected to be Bahrain's first entertainment park, said Ahmed Shabib of Muharraq Municipality, who spearheads the project.
Since inception, the indoor entertainment park, which is located at the Hyatt Shopping Mall has entertained more than 4mn visitors, a statement said.
The business about the Bentonville sports arena sounds suspiciously like the 8,000-plus seat arena that a Memphis man named Chris Talley and his Arkansas Sports & Entertainment Park LLC announced in June 2006, although the site was later moved to Rogers.
The complex will be located on the northern highway linking Doha International Airport with the proposed Bahrain Causeway and will include a retail centre, an entertainment park and two hotels.
The City Hall decided last year that this same area of Zapaden Park, now to be offered for concession, is going to be rented to a business to build an entertainment park, but the procedure failed over the lack of applicants.
Busch is the second biggest entertainment park operator in the country with about 25 million visitors per year and 25,000 employees.
In addition, a children's entertainment park (labyrinth), a donation from the Dutch Embassy, was opened in Skopje.
904-246-4386): Entertainment park offering go-karts, a mega-arcade, laser tag, batting cages and Mini-golf.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Europe's most popular amusement and entertainment park, was breaking records long before the 1930s' arrival of the famous twin-track Grand National rollercoaster and Britain's first commercial monorail in the1960s.
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