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intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights)

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When Major League Baseball was given antitrust exemption by Congress in 1922, the legal implications of labor and entertainment law became more widely discussed and understood.
The fourth annual Sports and Entertainment Law Conference is a one-day event today that's expected to draw 100 participants to the Moda Center in Portland.
Entertainment Law Partners (ELP) is a lawfirm that specializes in entertainment law, corporate law, and business law.
Although the faculty has offered an entertainment law course in the past, Hutchison felt there was a need to narrow down the content.
Johnson is partner at California's top-ranked entertainment law firm, and he doesn't settle for routine.
Many dancers return to or even begin college in their early 30s and go on to areas as diverse as dance journalism, physical therapy, and entertainment law.
Nearly 30 years later, Garth Drabinsky came into his life, a young, smart, very ambitious entertainment law student eager to get ahead in the business.
A member of the Firm's management committee since 2006, Eskenazi teaches a course on entertainment law at Stanford Law School, her alma mater.
Business owners and corporations also call on the firm for representation in commercial disputes and cases involving sports and entertainment law.
Georgia: Entertainment Law - Motion Pictures & Television, Entertainment Law - Music, Legal Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs, Technology Law
Dixon focuses her practice in the areas of general litigation, appellate law, intellectual property, real estate, land use and property rights litigation, and sports and entertainment law.
The University of Florida School of Law (Gainesville, FL) has begun the publication of "Florida Entertainment Law Review," a new journal that is designed to provide a forum for the discussion of legal issues in connection with entertainment, arts, sports, literature, mass communications and the First Amendment.
Husband-and-wife duo Justin, 34, and Carmen Kennedy, 32, founded Brooklyn-based Imagery Media in 2003 after leaving their jobs in entertainment law and interactive media production, respectively.
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