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The ice of ceremony being once broken, it seemed matter of rivalry between the guest and the entertainer which should display the best appetite; and although the former had probably fasted longest, yet the hermit fairly surpassed him.
And the more he thought, the more entire was his conviction, that the person who wore the mantle was no other than his former host and entertainer, "Sinbad the Sailor.
In short, he offered himself less as a servant than as an ENTERTAINER.
But he had so high a sense of his hospitable and responsible position as our entertainer, and my guardian laughed so sincerely at and with Mr.
But the ladies stayed only three weeks; the gentlemen, with two exceptions, above two months: for their hospitable entertainer was loth to part with them and be left alone with his bright intellect, his stainless conscience, and his loved and loving wife.
In the former case, it is well known that the entertainer provides what fare he pleases; and though this should be very indifferent, and utterly disagreeable to the taste of his company, they must not find any fault; nay, on the contrary, good breeding forces them outwardly to approve and to commend whatever is set before them.
The girl, after leaving her entertainer, sped swiftly cross-town until she arrived at a handsome and sedate mansion two squares to the east, facing on that avenue which is the highway of Mammon and the auxiliary gods.
Crisparkle, 'that your company will have a gay entertainer this evening.
Tom said this with one eye shut up again, and looking over his glass knowingly, at his entertainer.
You're pretty well browned by the sun, both of you,' said their entertainer.
Their entertainer had sat perfectly quiet in the beginning of this dispute, looking first at one man and then at the other, as if he were lying in wait for an opportunity of putting some further question, or reverting to that from which the discourse had strayed.
They are redeemable only against Bill Beaumont's Entertainers - The Welsh video title exclusively printed in the Welsh Mirror.
Kastel is currently putting the finishing touches on her first recording, a tribute to the glorious entertainers who have defined the legend of her hometown.
July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Veteran stand-up comedian and cruise ship headliner Tom Drake says the idea for a television show about entertainers on cruise ships came to him while watching American Idol.
The Philippines is planning to send a diplomatic mission to Tokyo to request that the Japanese government minimize the impact of planned changes to visa rules on foreign entertainers, Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo said Friday.