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system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization


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The capitalistic, free enterprise model worked just fine without big government's intervention.
KB-MDA is suggesting different approach: {UC model, BD model, Requirements model, Activity model} => Enterprise model (internal validation of knowledge) => Class model.
The starting point of Class model generation process is a selection of particular entity from Enterprise Model as the main class.
An integrated architecture for ERM is developed using the enterprise model that provides an enterprise-wide integration framework for business processes, data and technology.
From a design perspective, an enterprise model should provide the language used to explicitly define an enterprise.
From an operations perspective, the enterprise model must be able to represent what is planned, what might happen, and what has happened.
SAS Enterprise Model Management elegantly addresses that need, bridging the gap that has existed between the model development and the model scoring environment.
SAS Enterprise Model Management is part of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform which optimally integrates individual technology components within an existing IT infrastructure into a single, unified system.
The distributed enterprise model of today allows organizations to leverage the benefits of having local points of presence at different geographical locations, but exposes a company to network-based threats, such as viruses and unauthorized access.
This latest release of ER/Studio incorporates powerful new collaborative enterprise model management capabilities and new data warehousing and integration support designed to help data professional teams visualize, understand, document, and share knowledge across the enterprise with increased consistency.
The company's five enterprise models range from $1,979 to $2,199.
It would be useful here, then, to examine how an emerging IT management approach, Business Technology Management, makes use of enterprise models as a tactical control mechanism for promoting quality assurance, enforcing corporate IT standards and highlighting redundancies.
Incorporating standards in enterprise models encapsulates the detailed information necessary to satisfy high levels of quality compliance in the design specs.
Compatibility: IBM p5 entry, midrange and enterprise models
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