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(Aristotle) the state of something that is fully realized

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Origins and entelecheia are only comprehensible within the context of purposeful inquiry, not metaphysics.
58) "Motus est actus entis in potentia, prout in potentia est" for "hei tou dunamei ontos entelecheia, he toiouton, kinesis estin"; Physics 3.
The unifying thesis is that "self-maintenance of the individual entity and its dynamic, but stable species-configuration depend causally on each other in the hou heneka relation whose outcome is the unitary existence as entelecheia.
Achtenberg further argues that the good and the beautiful can be understood in terms of metaphysical concepts of telos, entelecheia, or energeia of a thing, a person, or an act because telos is what makes a thing complete, truly being "what it is.
145) Despite his appropriation of Aristotle's term, entelecheia, Leibniz radically transforms its content.
22) One other instance of Aristotle's rare use of the word entelecheia is found in book 3 of his Physics, where he defines motion, and tells us that "the entelecheia of what exists potentially, in so far as it exists potentially, is motion," and that "the same thing, if it is of a certain kind, can be both a potential and an entelecheia.
No longer the structuring agency of Cartesian doubt, the mind becomes a theater which, as the set of goals which a particular thing pursues by virtue of being that thing, is the entelecheia of the ensouled being.