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(Aristotle) the state of something that is fully realized

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However, one of his manuscript notes summing up the lecture on Aristotle's 'Basic Concepts' seems to suggest an awareness of the possibility of just such work: "Parousia, ousia--basic explication: entelecheia, dunamis, energeia.
mogliche emanatio Welten Monas ratio, passio, entelecheia voluntas Notio completa perceptio appetitus Substantia abhangig von der composita (organische monas dominans potentia Substanz) primitiva: Notiones potentia modificatio completae primitiva gemass activa als logischer forma substantialis Kompossibilitat potentia materia prima primitiva passiva Phaenomena abhangig von den potentia motus derivata activa: Naturgesetzen impetus, conatus potenia resistentia: derivata massa passiva
Origins and entelecheia are only comprehensible within the context of purposeful inquiry, not metaphysics.
25) Even if Aristotle invented the words entelecheia and dunamis as names for 'actuality' and 'potentiality' respectively, it in no way follows that he also invented the concepts related to these names; on the contrary, the conceptions themselves seem clear enough given the actual work of the three post-Parmenidean materialists here considered.
This is what Aristotle, when characterizing completion in the form, entelecheia, calls movement in the form.
Spinoza's study of the conatus, Nietzsche's involvement with Kraftzentren or Willenspunktationen and Leibniz's monadic conception of entelecheia all reflect Deleuze's primary interest in ontologies of Becoming.
Unlike an Aristotelian entelecheia, however, this power of conservatio sui is an activity that never achieves completion in a goal but returns to itself constantly, feeling its own actuality only in the exercise of its power, in its constant striving from goal to goal.
Guenin states that Aristotle associates entelecheia with actuality.
Por eso se dice que el aristotelismo es fijista, sustancialista; porque prima la entelecheia.
And it is not until Aristotle's Metaphysics, that being becomes actualized, finds its realization in itself as end, the telos of entelecheia that is the logos.
hay entelecheia de sentido, ni siquiera obra, sino mas bien una energeia
Pero el hallazgo del Estagirita es, a su vez, doble: la energeia intelectual y la entelecheia substancial.
Actualitas and perfectio correspond to Aristotle's energeia and entelecheia, respectively.
Sin embargo, hay un matiz importante en esta cuestion; detalle dado por el mismo Aristoteles, que no entiende la separacion del entendimiento agente del mismo modo que las sustancias, porque segun el hay dos tipos de actos: la entelecheia y la energeia (32).