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Gametogenic cycle of Ensis siliqua (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Ria de Corcubion, northwestern Spain.
Reproductive cycles of the razor clam Ensis siliqua and the clam Venus striatula of Vilamoura, southern Portugal.
No solo en los pronombres derivados, sino tambien en los posesivos y los que se derivan de los propios, puede entenderse una posesion indeterminada, a menos que sean delimitados por la adjuncion de algun sustantivo, como meus filius (mi hijo), Telamonius natus (el hijo de Telamonio), Evandrio ensis (la espada Evandria), y mira que los apelativos admiten todavia mas, pues son de cualidad comun.
En el Peru la concha navaja, Ensis macha (Molina 1782), comenzo a ser registrada en la pesqueria artesanal desde el ano 2000, en el area de Pisco, principalmente en la zona de Morro Quemado en bahia Independencia (14[grados]19'S-76[grados]07'W).
El DRAE refiere que amanuense--del latin amanuensis, y este de manus, 'mano', y ensis, 'de, perteneciente, en relacion con'--es la persona que tiene por oficio escribir a mano, copiando o poniendo en limpio escritos ajenos, o escribiendo lo que se le dicta.
Gallagher Ensis (A Joint Venture of CSIRO & Scion), PB Bag 3020, Rotorua, New Zealand e-mail: bernard.
This will allow them to establish forest-based carbon trading or offset projects, which should benefit their longer term national economic outlook, according to Dr Trevor Booth from ensis, a joint venture between Australia's CSIRO and New Zealand's Scion forest research agencies.
Richardson also said that the partnership will benefit Scion's unincorporated joint venture operation, Ensis, through the provision of tools leading to faster breeding of improved trees.
Ter Marte sinistro iuratumque Ioui foedus conuentaque patrum Sidonii fregere duces, atque impius ensis ter placitam suasit temerando rumpere pacem.
The study said "the cause of the phenomenon is more probably delineated in the populations of Ensis Macha, located between the shallow, sandy area between Arauco and Laraquete, where there was entry of hypoxic (low-oxygen content) waters of very singular character, product of intense and persistent southwest winds.
Scientists with the research organization Ensis Papro in Rotorua, New Zealand, made cartons from cardboard that they had treated with one of five commercially available plant extracts.
The ECHO bought 15gof Mexican cub ensis mushrooms from the shop, whose bosses claim that a loophole in the law means it is not illegal to sell or posses the mushrooms in their natural state.
Two farms in the Scilly Isles and one other in Wales were put under restrictions after the bacterium clavibacter michigan- ensis sepedonicus, was discovered.
The herb Belamcanda chin ensis has been used to treat pharyngitis and laryngitis in traditional Chinese medicine (Ran, 1993).