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I grow Musa ensete from seed as a centrepiece to large tubs, around which I plant begonias or petunias.
There are a number of bananas available: Musa basjoo, and Ensete ventricosum, but Ensete ventricosum "Maurelii", with its wonderful purple tinged leaves, can be a little too tender.
This, as well as most other plots we saw, was shaded with Millettia ferruginea, Ensete ventricosa, both endemic trees, the former leguminous, and the latter providing a staple food starch, or Cordia africana, a protected indigenous tree.
The Ethiopian achievement was therefore in taking some domesticates from elsewhere (including barley, sorghum, lentil and chick pea) and combining these with innovations of their own (possibly finger millet and certainly tef, ensete and noog), irrespective of when this took place.
Other suitable bananas are musa ensete, which resembles the fruit sold in our shops, or the extraordinary musa pardisiaca.
Most of the Gurage peoples share ensete culture with their neighboring Cushitic and Omotic groups (Kambata, Janjero, etc.
7 2,600-3,900 700-900 Kocho from Ensete 462-688 2,753-4,380 498-584 ventricosum Bulla from Ensete 402-442 708-875 385-446 ventricosum D.