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Muthoni Dorcas' background, expertise and strategic vision will make her an instrumental member of the Enset board," said Maarten Botterman, Chairman of Public Interest Registry's Board of Directors.
This allowed Enset to create a dedicated retail storefront.
LogicBoxes provided Enset with a suite of web products and the flexibility to create special product bundles for customers.
However, its production, like that of banana in east and central Africa, has now been terribly affected by the deadly bacterial wilt disease which attacks all the varieties of enset and is found in all the enset-cultivating areas of the country.
The IITA-led project aims to build national scientific capacity- human as well as infrastructural-in Ethiopia to implement biotechnology research on enset to develop varieties that are able to resist the bacterial wilt.
Our next stop was Worabe, a largely enset producing area nestled in the highlands, where the terrain was spectacular.
Bedru Sefa, one of the farmers in the area, showed us the different steps in the enset agricultural system.
Currently, Enset Board members represent a diverse spectrum of nonprofit community.
Almost all of the participants had consumed corn, enset (E.
The staple foods frequently consumed in the area such as enset, corn and kidney bean are not high in iodine.
Important cash crops include maize, wheat, barley, potatoes, cabbage, and broad bean (also known as fava bean); however, the main crop of Titecha Kebele is enset, also called "false banana" (Enset ventricosum) which is used to make high starch food called Kocho [15].
CCF community based projects in cooperation with the Ethiopia agriculture office in the Shashemene district are training farmers to diversify their cropping system and raise drought resistant perennial crops like Pigeon pea and the starchy root crops, Cassava and Enset.
Where oxen are available, communities plant barley, wheat, and teff; otherwise, they plant maize; some have adapted to enset.
enset (Ensete ventricosum (Welw), Cheesman), godere (Colacasia esculanta L.