licensed practical nurse

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a nurse who has enough training to be licensed by a state to provide routine care for the sick

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The agreement introduces higher-paid classifications, such as Nursing Assistant Team Leader and Enrolled Nurse Specialist, (to be introduced in 2014) and provides a medication allowance for nursing assistants.
I thought they would not want me because I had been out of nursing for such a long time and I was only an enrolled nurse.
The Sunday Mail has uncovered the scandal of Scotland's enrolled nurses, who earn around pounds 14,000 a year.
Miss Bentley, who was a state enrolled nurse, was also given a figurine, and Mrs Morrison, a nursing auxiliary, received a digital camera.
Introducing an enrolled nurse with advanced skills within revised models of care has the potential to increase the capacity of the health workforce and to meet growing demand in areas of strategic relevance to workforce development and clinical care.
She went on to do her nurse training and became an enrolled nurse.
The former State Enrolled Nurse spent most of her time between 1958 and 1980 at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in the Denbighshire seaside town.
I WOULD like to thank NZNO for approving my application to attend the 37th annual enrolled nurse (EN) section conference in Wellington in June.
The negotiating team was NZNO organiser Simone Montgomery, enrolled nurse Kirsty Robertson and registered nurses Rohan Blackler and John Cochrane.
The NSW Government announced public funding for enrolled nurse education via the Department of Education in April.
p3) in which enrolled nurse (EN) Rosemary Ruddle of Greymouth states: "To add insult to injury, it would appear that Nelson Marlborough DHB has stated it will not be employing anymore and is heading for the cheaper option of using health care assistants [HCAs], an unregulated workforce who, after three days' training, will be released onto an unsuspecting population".
An enrolled nurse or a health care assistant will act as shift coordinator when the facility/care manager/registered nurse (RN) is not on site.
I am an enrolled nurse working in the public hospital system and have sustained a non-work related injury to my back.
With the changes in Enrolled Nurse education and Enrolled Nurses embracing opportunities to specialise, what is the future for Enrolled Nurses and where is our place in the future of nursing?
ENROLLED NURSES (ENs) at Counties Manukau District Health Board will be able to administer intravenous (IV) medications and fluids, once they have successfully completed a competency assessment programme and met Nursing Council delegation and direction guidelines.