licensed practical nurse

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a nurse who has enough training to be licensed by a state to provide routine care for the sick

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Victoria has three levels of enrolled nurse classification, with level 3 relating to advanced enrolled nurse practice (State Government of Victoria--Department of Health, 2012).
The Minister of Health announced the re-establishment of the Enrolled Nurse role in New Zealand's health system in 2009 and since then hundreds of students have taken up the opportunity to up-skill and train for the new role.
The NSW Renal Enrolled Nurse Survey (2010) has identified that the scope of practice of ENs working in haemodialysis units in NSW varies from unit to unit.
The economic madness of the situation is that it costs pounds 35,000 to train a nurse from scratch - but only pounds 3000 to upgrade enrolled nurses.
Anecdotal views expressed on the concept of a night duty clinical placement for the enrolled nurse, especially for acute care, which was considered inappropriate included; insufficient exposure to clinical skills and patient care, lack of interest by students', perceived lack of interest by night duty staff and a lack of adequate supervision.
Her speech was followed by one from NCNZ Professional Standards Manager Pam Doole who gave a brief history of the Enrolled Nurse profession and recent events that had brought about the present Scope of Practice.
It was impossible to study full-time with a young baby, so I got my enrolled nurse qualification and then did agency night work," says Rhoda.
75 (3) 8% (2) Enrolled Nurse (With Notation) Pay Point 4 $21.
Without a doubt as an enrolled nurse in a rural hospital we frequently undertake duties that are really RN roles' (Kenny and Duckett 2005, p.
Leonie Metcalfe, chairperson, NZNO Enrolled Nurse Section,
A diverse range of speakers attends each conference and the Enrolled Nurse Professional Association tries to keep registration fees at a minimum.
Unfortunately, enrolled nurse (EN) graduates have not been included in the minister's statistics, which are derived from the advanced choice of employment (ACE) nurse recruitment system.
I would love to see an article exploring the role of the Endorsed Enrolled Nurse and why it is so difficult for them to upgrade their registration to Registered Nurse.
The Southern District Health Board (DHB) has actively worked to increase its enrolled nurse (EN) workforce.
I am a hospital-trained Enrolled Nurse (EN) who wants to upgrade to the Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Certificate (EEN).