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an organic compound that contains a hydroxyl group bonded to a carbon atom which in turn is doubly bonded to another carbon atom

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The synthetic approach to two diastereomeric series of these compounds involves an amide enolate alkylation using R-prolinol as a chiral auxiliary and two isomeric epoxides derived from D-ala nine.
Aldol and Michael Additions of Allyls, Enolates, and Enolate Equivalents
Quirk is a leader in the field of anionic polymerization, with original research into areas such as developing reliable procedures for the anionic synthesis of chain-end functionalized polymers and his demonstration that chain-transfer reactions of enolate anions take place during group transfer polymerization.
A possible enolate character of several phosphoryl anions has been proposed [5-8] and also established [9].
Usually, ketones are oxidized by chiral oxaziridine at basic conditions (the initial compound that is oxidized is certainly the corresponding metal enolate (e.
Simple Enolate and Chelate Enolate Claisen Rearrangement