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god of the air and king of the Sumerian gods


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For the Paths of Ea, Anu, and Enlil, see the brief discussion in Erica Reiner and David Pingree, Emma Anu Enlil Tablets 50-51: Babylonian Planetary Omens, Part 2 (Malibu: Undena Publications, 1981), 17-18.
The moment Sargon, king of Agade, paraded the defeated Lugalzagesi, king of Uruk, in chains at the gate of the Temple of Enlil in Nippur marked the transfer of power from the Sumerian city states of the Early Dynastic (ED) period to the Akkadian 'world empire'.
But human beings multiplied and their noise disturbed the god Enlil, who had tried to destroy them on a number of occasions until he finally sends the flood.
APIN contains a series of texts dealing with various groups of stars (or star groups): lists of the stars in the paths of Enlil.
This image of God does not differ fundamentally from the role in which Enlil is cast in the Mesopotamian City Laments.
The latter part of Tablet V begins by listing the city's walls, Imgur-Enlil and its forward rampart, Nimitti-Enlil; its waterways, including the Arahtu, as the Euphrates was known locally, and the eastern canal, Libil-hengalla; its city gates -- Urash, Zababa, Marduk, Ishtar, Enlil, King's, Adad and Shamash; and its streets, including Ay-ibur-shabu, the famous Processional Way that led from the town centre to the Ishtar Gate.
Ever since 1912, when the learned Jesuit Franz Xaver Kugler published his discovery that the year formula for Ammisaduqa year 8 was mentioned in the text of the tenth omen associated with the Venus observations recorded on tablet 63 of the astronomical omen series Enuma Anu Enlil, the Venus observations have played a central role in attempts to date the Old Babylonian dynasty.
In the late eighties Francesca Rochberg published her first monograph, Aspects of Babylonian Celestial Divination: The Lunar Eclipse Tablets of Enuma Anu Enlil (Horn: Ferdinand Berger und Sohne, 1988), which examined aspects of Babylonian celestial divination through an exacting and thorough critical edition and analysis of the lunar eclipse tablets from the major omen compendium Enigma Anu Enlil.
While at least some of the Mesopotamian gods are described as transforming themselves for specific purposes, as Enlil in Enlil and Ninlil and Enlil and Namzitara and also, perhaps, as Sin in The Cow of Sin, these transformations are reversed once the goals for which they were undertaken have been achieved.
101 on the same page) Francesca Rochberg's work on the authority of the text of Enama Anu Enlil, but glosses over her explicit statement (The Heavenly Writing, p.
This warrior god and self-described "dragon" was the sort of necessary evil that polytheistic and henotheistic systems exploit to keep the hands of the other deities of the pantheon, whether Samas, Enlil, or Assur, clean of the murder and mayhem which is sometimes necessary to maintain order and punish the wicked.
Dozens of Neo-Assyrian astronomical reports quote from the omen list Enuma Anu Enlil the prognosis for full moon on the fourteenth (good omen) or on the fifteenth (bad omen).
10 he comments: "The problem for the gods was not that Anzu 'spurned' Enlil .