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an abnormal enlargement of the spleen

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Chronically enlarged spleens are less vulnerable to rupture.
A resident of Dubai, Nimesh was undergoing treatment for an enlarged spleen in a Mumbai hospital in November 2012 when he was diagnosed with 'Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma', a rare form of blood cancer.
Due to his liver disease, Matthew has an enlarged spleen and if he was to be hit in the abdomen, it could rupture.
This is one of the symptoms including an enlarged spleen and necrosis of tissue.
Heba also has thalassaemia that affects her red blood cells, leading to sickle cell anaemia, and she also has an enlarged spleen and an enlarged liver," said Prof Hamdi.
Virus particles in the spleen were collected, and the severity of illness was measured by weighing the enlarged spleen.
The disease is marked by an enlarged spleen, anemia, decreased white blood cells and platelets, and myelofibrosis-related symptoms.
They included a boy with an enlarged spleen who may be in need of an operation.
A bout with mononucleosis initially sidelined Oregon punter Jackson Rice for just two days, but an enlarged spleen stemming from the illness led to him sitting out the Ducks' final two regular-season games, Rice said Saturday.
3,5,7) Gross lesions include atrophy of pectoral muscles, lack of fat, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, pale small foci in liver and spleen, swollen kidneys, ascites, airsacculitis, subcutaneous hemorrhages, lung congestion, and pneumonia.
Some babies will have signs of toxoplasmosis at birth, which may include an enlarged liver and jaundice, an enlarged spleen, a low platelet count, a rash, a heart or lung infection, and enlarged lymph nodes.
The cause was not difficult to diagnose: An acutely enlarged spleen resulting from untreated malaria.
CIMF is characterized by an enlarged spleen and progressive anaemia.