Yenisei River

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a Russian river in Siberia

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In the 1-2 centuries BC, a part of the Kyrgyz tribes moved to Enisey ("Ene Sai" translates as "Mother River" from the Kyrgyz language) and Baikal ("Bai Kol" in Kyrgyz means "Abundant Lake").
I have already mentioned the name of Andrzejewski (misspelt at least six times), but Enisey (p.
The new series of tankers is to be used for transportation of crude produced at Paiyakhskoe field from the mouth of Enisey river along the Northern Sea Route both in the western and eastern directions.
00 Volleyball Russia: Tumen-TumenGu v Enisey Krasnoyarsk 3.
Marauders had made their way through the International Men's invitational with a 61-0 win over Enisey STM and a 12-0 win over France Development.
FAS announced receiving notifications from SUEK on upping its share in Kuzbassenergo (TGC-12) and Enisey TGC (TGC-12) higher than 50% .