Yenisei River

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a Russian river in Siberia

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25) In the late 1860s and 1870s, Sidorov sponsored a number of attempts by Norwegians and English explorers to navigate the waters of the Barents and Kara seas, and in 1869 he offered the princely sum of 14,000 rubles to the captain of the first vessel that could transport some of his graphite out of the Enisei River.
In 1875-76, Sidorov organized an expedition to attempt the navigation of the Enisei River in eastern Siberia via the Kara and Barents seas, around northern Scandinavia to St.
A brief sketch of the details of the voyage of the Dawn from the Enisei River to St.
Sidorov charged Shvanenberg with captaining the ship, loaded with Sidorov's graphite, out of the mouth of the Enisei River and into the Kara Sea, through the Kara Strait and the Barents Sea, around the northern coast of Scandinavia, and on to St.
Petersburg, such as a shamanic skull and examples of the local wildlife, the Dawn set sail up the Enisei River from Gochikha on 9 August 1877.