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tiny fishes usually canned or salted

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small herring-like plankton-eating fishes often canned whole or as paste

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Engraulid larvae appear to be more abundant in protected coastal waters, as indicated by their higher dominance in the surveys of Mobile Bay (82%) and Mississippi Sound (69%), both of which are shallow estuarine regions.
3[per thousand] salinity This small goby co-occurs with estuarine fishes such as small polynemids, juvenile sciaenids, engraulids and cynoglossids in this soft-substrate habitat (Larson 1999).
At the mouth of Bahia Magdalena, larval engraulids and clupeids are present in association with lower temperatures and zooplankton biomasses.
3%) and based on scale identification the major fish prey were atherinids and engraulids, most likely Menidia sp.
Dalzell (1987) reported a peaking in spawning intensity of two inlet engraulids associated with the monsoon seasonality in New Ireland.
leucichthys feeds mainly on small fish (clupeids, engraulids, juvenile cyprinids, atherinids, gobiids etc) (Podlesny 1947; Svetovidov 1984; Shariaty 2001).
Clupeids, scombrids and engraulids can alternate between filter- and particulate-feeding modes, which may allow them to more effectively consume relatively small prey (~1 mm), such as fish eggs.