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a postulated biochemical change (presumably in neural tissue) that represents a memory


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We have shown for the first time that increasing synaptic connectivity within engram cell circuits can be used to treat memory loss in mouse models of early Alzheimer's disease," says lead author Dheeraj Roy.
When these engrams are activated in normal day-to-day life by stimuli such as an image, smell or taste, memories are triggered.
Also central is Aby Warburg's concept of phobic engrams or Pathosformelm details in art that express primal collective fears (39-42).
Only through Scientology's teachings, which have to be paid for by members, can engrams be removed, leading to a "state of calm".
Scientology teaches that we all have our own thetan - and attached to these are destructive engrams, the leftover destructed souls from the mass killings.
One theory is that memory traces are distributed throughout the brain as biophysical or biochemical changes called engrams.
Not to be confused with Hollywood scripts, this technical term denotes mental coding networks--motion-picture engrams, if you like--that, processed in massive parallel, yield the decisions that we make in life.
To anyone impervious to the lure of Dianetics, watching doe-eyed tykes expound on engrams, the C-Org, preclears and e-meters (the workings of which are demonstrated in a puppet show) will be funny even without the arched eyebrows implicit in this venture.
This tenant is most vital in the early stages of skill acquisition, a time when the neuromuscular pathways and congruent motor memory engrams are being constructed from scratch.
But the world is full of dark forces called Engrams, which can be cleansed and removed through the work of Dianetics, which was the title of Hubbard's first book.
The engrams which are the stored pieces of an experience that fill our brain may not be as successfully encoded in one person as in another.
With the next occurrence of similar need, these engrams are exited in anticipation of future end results, and act as a directing component of the corresponding behavior.
They believe the world has been invaded by dark forces, the Engrams, and individuals can be enlightened only through intense therapy called Dianetics.
All the world's problems are said to be caused by Engrams, enemies of the Thetans.
The name Scientology is defined by Scientologists as "knowing how to know" and Scientology practice includes processes aimed at clearing harmful three-dimensional sensory images, or engrams, from the mind.