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Eric Thomas said native English-speaking instructors allowed Korean students to overcome xenophobia.
The turmoil in the two English-speaking regions has been on since October 2016 when a lawyers' and teachers' strike snowballed into a general outcry against marginalisation by the predominantly francophone government and calls for the secession of the minority anglophones.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Cameroon's military forces were deployed in the country's English-speaking regions and few people were seen on the streets on Monday after 17 people were killed over the weekend in protests in support of independence for some Anglophone regions.
Original Travel and its existing management team will become Voyageurs du Monde's partner and platform for organic and acquisitive growth in the English-speaking world
That was an even bigger snub to English-speaking Welsh people than the perceived snub to the footballers.
Basic Level Literacy Programs for English-Speaking and Non-English-Speaking Adults
Howard and his colleagues surveyed both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking women and found that about two-thirds of the 160 English-speaking and 123 Spanish-speaking respondents were unable to distinguish between a pelvic exam and a Pap smear, but that a comparable percentage in both groups (74% and 70%, respectively), were able to identify at least one correct descriptor of the term.
This afternoon, the book A Companion to Wisdom, Wit & Sensibility -- A Chronological Overview of the Mind and Culture of the English-Speaking World by Sofron A.
In Seoul a service offering English-speaking housemaids for expatriates has been available from the start of the year.
Literature and Spirituality in the English-Speaking World
MARGARET Roberts' letter (June 26) advocating more Welsh in hospitals overlooks the obvious fact that all Welsh speakers understand, speak and use English on a voluntary basis every day, to use the internet, watch TV, to read a newspaper, in business, in tourism, to go abroad or into English speaking areas of the UK, or even to socialise with English-speaking colleagues or friends.
As part of Student Graduation Ceremony held on February 21, postgraduate diplomas were awarded to graduates of the English-speaking and Greek-speaking Part-Time and Full Time MBA courses.
A Short History of African Philosophy, first published in 2002, is a recapitulation of the major debates that have characterized contemporary philosophical thought and practice in English-speaking Africa, beginning with the publication of the English translation of Placide Tempels' Bantu Philosophy in 1959.
A chronic shortage of nurses in English-speaking Caribbean nations is limiting the quality of healthcare and may be hindering development, the World Bank said, reports Reuters (March 3, 2010).
Dubai: More than 200 children from English-speaking schools across the Middle East came together over the weekend, to take part in the Performing Arts Festival held at Dubai English Speaking School.