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Ambassador's Fund, the new lab will enable the children living at the SOS Children's Village to improve their English-language skills.
Irwin) has been a key player with English-language learners in our district for at least seven years,'' said Terry DeLoria, Hart's director of special programs.
Knipp starts his study of the English-language poetry by recalling that this genre has been practiced for more than 100 years.
a)Includes English-Language broadcast channels with alternate Spanish audio
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell said English-language skills are vital for California to maintain an edge in the global economy.
With the inclusion of several Hispanic programming channels including SE TV - the first English-language, Latino-themed network - in the Qwest Choice TV Full Choice package, and the availability of the Qwest TV Latino[R] plan - offering 40 channels of all-digital Hispanic programming - Qwest Choice TV provides a significant number of programming options not currently available from cable.
5 million viewers to the English-language broadcast.
5 percent of their English-language learners make annual progress in learning English.
Federal benchmarks doubled in both English-language arts and mathematics categories, causing subgroups that showed progress in other areas to fail in AYP assessments, sending a mixed message to school administrators and parents.
Presented by Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI), this third year editorial and design competition was open to English-language b2b publications worldwide, published at least quarterly.
PALMDALE - About 45 percent of the teachers who taught English-language learners at low-performing schools in the Palmdale School District were not qualified to teach them, a county survey has found.
You have all the kids and they're focusing on one goal and that's English-language acquisition.
We are honored to provide the content for this ground-breaking new service to bring English-language resources to the People's Republic of China.
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