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predominant yew in Europe

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The English yew also makes a fabulous formal hedge.
The English yew goes back to ancient times when kings had them planted for their bows and arrows.
Second, we used the English yew, which is a common ornamental shrub, instead of the rare Pacific yew.
STAR TURN: Patrick Flynn with one of his works, a bud vase made of English Yew.
Evergreen shrubs are the best option for topiary and English Yew is the pick of the bunch.
The bedroom and dining introductions are made in historically correct solid mahogany, elaborately hand- carved and veneered with exotic woods like crotch mahogany, tiger maple and English yew wood.
Taxus baccata is the common or English Yew and every gardener knows that about the only thing not poisonous on yew is the label on the pot when you buy it.
But new pizazz comes from the select veneers of feather crotch mahogany, fine-grained English yew, cluster maple burl and olive ash burl and the bands of zebrawood, prima vera and yew wood Hekman uses in borders and trim.
The current semi-synthetic process requires several pounds of needles from Taxus baccata, the English yew, to produce enough taxol for one patient.
More than 4,000 English yew trees have been planted to make up the 1,735sq metre puzzle ( expected to be big enough for adults to get completely lost in 20 years from now.
But the firm has to be sure it's the right yew - the English yew, taxus Baccata.