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a system of weights and measures based on the foot and pound and second and pint

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Another planned activity in the English unit (and also the lesson for the researchers' first visit) was for students to determine the percentage of different forms of "news" in a newspaper, that is, the component elements of a newspaper in terms of types of reports (sports, local news, world news, special interest, weather, and so on).
Finally in 1999, NASA lost a Mars orbiter because one engineering team used metric units while another used English units for a key spacecraft operation.
While the English unit found itself weighed down by a top-heavy staff and a multitude of commissioned educational pieces, Jodoin's neophyte unit was given time to orient itself at the Board.
The English Unit of the School of Psychology in July 2002 organized training sessions on teaching English in collaboration with the British Council in Sudan.
By contrast, the English unit, spearheaded by Derek Lamb, contributed well-plotted, often sardonic pieces, by such talents as Caroline Leaf, John Weldon and Eugene Fedorenko.
YOU could say that Wales punches above its weight in the world of film and theatre, just like it did at Rorke's Drift when the 24th Regiment of Foot, an English unit with a recruiting office in Wales, beat off thousands of Zulu warriors.
It was one of the first applications to give users access to an array of robust functionality including up-to-date, in-motion Doppler radar maps; hour-by-hour forecasts, complete with graphical imagery; extended forecasts; severe weather updates; and temperatures presented in either Metric or English unit systems.
It let's them know they did a good job against a very large English unit.
Both teams went into the tie on the back of two wins, but Wales were denied possession for most of the game by an impressive English unit.
Users can also obtain severe weather reports on their Java phones, and users can choose to view temperatures in either Metric or English unit systems.
Additionally, people can choose to view temperatures in either Metric or English unit systems.
Cost Estimates And Specifications Shall Be Provided With Each Submittal*All Plans Shall Be In English Units.
No standard use of either metric or English units is implied in cases where the unit is reported only as "ton" by the original source.
Dual scales display flow rates in both metric and English units.
Mark Drayton, clinical lead for the Wales Neonatal Network, said neonatal care demand was rising, with 66 pregnant women transferred to English units between January and September 2012 due to a lack of capacity in Welsh units.
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