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someone who teaches English

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English teacher Lucy Rushton said: "It is the first television project I have worked with and have thoroughly enjoyed the process.
I have heard people say 'I'm just an English teacher, '" said Boyum.
English teachers have long recognised that drama should be at the heart of English because it produces engaged and critical thinking.
Ines GUILLORME, 25, English Teacher, Decroly School, Spain
Parents of children at a top school are being forced to pay for tuition for their kids because of a lack of English teachers.
English teacher Paul Telfer, with the app, below Pictures by KATIE LUNN
The effectiveness of English teachers in schools where at least 77 percent of students are minorities trails those in schools with fewer students of color by about three months of learning.
English teacher Leonora Rustamova - known as Miss Rusty to her pupils - published her fictional work "Stop
MORE than 20 English teachers working in Tokyo have quit their jobs, fearing they could also become targets.
In "Teaching Adolescent Writers", author and academician Kelly Gallagher draws upon his many years of expertise as a full-time English teacher at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, California, to show novice classroom instructors how to teach their students to write effectively.
Award-winning English teacher Amy Benjamin presents Writing Put To The Test: Teaching for the High Stakes Essay, a guide for especially educators teaching students in grades 4 to 12 how to succeed at on-demand essay writing.
Everything comes to a head when the religious right tackles the choice of a novel an English teacher requires.
I retired in 2002, after 29 years as a public-middle-school English teacher in Jackson Heights, Queens, a stable working-class neighborhood in New York City.
It started when I pissed off then-fleshman English teacher Mice Bennett with a September 1995 column I wrote for The Kansas City Star.
School policy, however, prohibits all "conditional" gifts, no matter how large, a spokesman said, adding that the story would not be used next year because the English teacher whose students have read the tale for the past five years does not teach literature that has been adapted for film.