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someone who teaches English

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My English teacher said to me, 'Ma Yun, your English pronunciation is pretty good.
Efforts were being made to secure supply teachers but there was currently no available English teacher on the supply list.
I would appreciate any information on these two teachers, and the English teacher who succeeded Mr Jones, whose name escapes me at present, Sheila McLean sheilamlmclean@gmail.
Therefore, how to enhance English language courses effectively is a major concern for college English teachers and researchers.
Parents of children at a top school are being forced to pay for tuition for their kids because of a lack of English teachers.
English teacher Paul Telfer, with the app, below Pictures by KATIE LUNN
The effectiveness of English teachers in schools where at least 77 percent of students are minorities trails those in schools with fewer students of color by about three months of learning.
Rosenberg said he recently meet an English teacher in Amman, Jordan, who had been receiving Forum since 1986 and had not gotten the latest issue.
English teachers have long recognised that drama should be at the heart of English because it produces engaged and critical thinking.
The pupils at the secondary school in Rookery Lane, Holbrooks, Coventry, and English teacher Lucy Rushton have teamed up with experts from Fired up Theatre to create Seeing Red.
English teacher Leonora Rustamova - known as Miss Rusty to her pupils - published her fictional work "Stop
is a former high school English teacher herself and she conveys the milieu and the characters convincingly.
Alla Wagner, a 28-year-old Russian working as an English teacher in Tokyo, says she is followed FOUR times a day.
Ed Kaz, the school's union chapter chairman, suggested to a couple dozen teachers Friday that if they called LAUSD's automated system to request a substitute teacher Tuesday, to press six for "professional development," English teacher Robert Seaman said.
Carla Baird, began the Web English Teacher site in 2000 when her student teacher was spending hours trying to find language arts and literature ideas for classroom lessons.