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Synonyms for springer

the lowest stone in an arch -- from which it springs


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a cow about to give birth

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a large spaniel with wavy silky coat usually black or liver and white

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Members have English springers, cockers, and even a couple of Airedales
At a hunting test, you will get to see many English springer spaniels, and a few dogs of the other spaniel breeds.
We had three English springers before we got our first Welshie," says Peggy Ruble, who, with her husband, Bill, has owned Welsh springers for nearly 25 years.
That his grandfather owned dogs from a line of imported English springers was singular for those days, doubly so given that he rarely had more than a couple of silver dollars in his pocket at any time.
VALLEY CREEK KENNELS: Field bred English Springer Spaniel pups and started dogs.
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