English springer spaniel

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a breed having typically a black-and-white coat

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Victim recovery/blood detection - Labrador or English springer Spaniel
Meanwhile, top drugs-buster Scooby, an English springer spaniel, is retiring in style this weekend with special appearances at the show.
Despite national popularity, the Poodle and Dachshund fell from their Top 10 positions in 2006 and were replaced by the Shetland Sheepdog and English Springer Spaniel.
English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland open show, Crawfordjohn Hall, 11am.
When I started sharing the stories, adventures and the amazing lessons in life and positivity my relationship with Maggie, my English Springer Spaniel created, the blogging evolved out of making it easier to keep up with everyone's requests to hear more.
Barry set out with Spider, a rescue English Springer spaniel, on his journey way back in 2003.
Sammy Sammy SAMMY - ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL, EIGHT, FIRE INVESTIGATION DOG SAMMY is the only trained fire investigation dog in Wales and has worked at more than 500 fire scenes and seven murder cases.
The Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue Association also held a fun weekend and dog show at Druridge Bay Country Park in Northumberland, which also included a birds of prey display.
Best dog: Mr R Amson's English springer spaniel Actonhill Hattie, of the Three Shires Spaniel Club
English springer spaniel Buster received the PDSA's Dickin Medal for "outstanding gallantry" for his work while with the Dukes in Iraq.
Blaze, an English springer spaniel, survived a bid to kill him near the southern Iraqi city of Basra.
There's a Persian that can open doors; an Afghan hound that adapts to costumes; a cat named Booger weighing in at more than 20 pounds; and Spot, the English springer spaniel who happens to live in the White House.
Philipson's inspiration for her books began when her English Springer Spaniel named Annie needed a leg amputated due to cancer.
It is thought the Boykin spaniel was created by breeding the latter two breeds, as well as the English springer spaniel and cocker.
April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- NuVet Labs, maker of NuVet Plus vitamins for dogs, recently announced the donation of a full year's supply of the supplement to the Mid Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (MAESSR) Springerfest 2012.
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