English sparrow

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small hardy brown-and-grey bird native to Europe

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ENGLISH sparrows and starlings eat the farmer's grain I his corpse.
Cleaning up bird droppings is a very dangerous business and must be handled with precision and care," said Phil Waldorf, president of Bell Environmental Services who has also written a book about the subject entitled, Health Hazards From Pigeons, Starlings and English Sparrows.
Don and I had grown up together, beginning in the first grade, and we had hunted English sparrows with our BB guns together, had shot our bows together, had fished together.
A small flock of English sparrows were feeding on the seeds dislodged from my hanging feeder.
Even the English sparrows do not let loose into the streets young sparrows who have no notion of their identity or their adult responsibilities.
Non-native birds such as starlings, pigeons and English sparrows are very aggressive and may take nesting sites away from domestic birds.
House finches, rosy finches, English sparrows, Eastern and Western bluebirds and that ever-growing category, "linnets" - which seems to most people to include any small bird that can't be easily identified - can't get a whole grape in their beaks.
To make matters worse, aggressive foreign competitors like English sparrows and starlings took over the nesting sites that remained.