English setter

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an English breed having a plumed tail and a soft silky coat that is chiefly white

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The Llewellin is a line of English setters originally bred by sportsman R.
Registration of the English setter has dropped by 32 per cent and the Irish wolf hound has reduced by 26 per cent.
Meanwhile registration of the English setter has dropped by 32 per cent and the Irish wolfhound has reduced by 26 per cent.
It's a dog's life: Richard McComb, far right, on a family camping holiday, in the 1970s, with English Setter, Oliver, mother Ann and sister Louise, and, above, Richard with his deaf English Setter, Blue
including a lion's face and a floral English setter.
A FINE painting by the Liverpool-born Victorian artist Richard Ansdell, called English Setter Retrieving Partridge, is expected to sell for up to pounds 20,000 at an auction in New York.
THE English Setter, one of Britain's oldest breeds of dog, risks extinction as owners emulate celebrities and opt for the more exotic Chihuahua, the Kennel Club has said.
A representative of the English setter rescue group came to speak to the class with her own rescued English setter named Hope, to talk about how the group works to help save this gentle and docile breed.
One day I took our dog, Sophie, a pretty blond mix of golden retriever and English setter, down the beach to an old Army fort, where we climbed the dunes to pick wild blackberries that grew next to a rusted World War II cannon.
John Kerry is an English setter - if he receives new information, he sees no reason he shouldn't take it under consideration.
Nicola Boardman is so desperate to find her pet English setter, Henry, she has even consulted a psychic - who is certain the dog has escaped to Wales
The doe repeatedly kicked the 12-year-old English setter as if "doing a tap dance on her head and back," said owner Diane Prokop, who lives with her husband and two dogs on Saratoga Street.
And, no two pointing breeds we know of are better suited to the sport than the English Setter and the Brittany.
One minute a wild-eyed, drooling, hard-charging English Setter named Bo is ranging far and wide, combing a clearing amid stands of slash pine, red oak, and magnolia trees; the next he is frozen in space, his nose trained on a clump of brush about 15 yards away.
But take the same English setter after a couple of weeks in the field and his coat starts to look grungy.