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a saddle having a steel cantle and pommel and no horn

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EquineLUX, a team of professional sportswear and horse-wear designers, created the next generation of English saddle pads.
Saddle size is more critical with English saddles, especially hunt-jump saddles, than with stock saddles.
English saddles are usually built on a rigid tree with a straight head or on a spring tree, usually with a sloped head.
EquineLUX innovative English saddle pads and high-performance half-pads happen to be on sale from time to time.
EquineLUX team of professional sportswear and horse-wear designers presents the next generation of English saddle pads.
You have to keep your seat in an English saddle, reins in one hand, mallet (also called stick) in the other.
EquineLUX and Brianne Goutal share a strong belief that continuous innovation and improvement of the traditional English saddle pads is very important," - said Max McArrow, founder of the EquineLUX.
The EquineLUX team of professional sportswear and horse-wear designers, has managed to engineer a new generation of the technically-progressive English saddle pads, combining both innovative and natural materials in a stylish design.
Seven divisions were sponsored by EquineLUX, a Canadian manufacturer of innovative English saddle pads.
Patricia Bona, a licensed Equine and Human Chiropractor, to produce instructional video clips on how to check for a pulse in the horse's leg, therapeutic grooming techniques, and proper English saddle placement.
Guests entered the reception through gates marked by antique horse-head hitching posts adorned with mixed floral wreaths and two of the bride's English saddles.
Tack comprises standard English saddles and bridles.
Some of these participants are professional English-school riders who have traded in their pristine white jodphurs for denim jeans and their stiff English saddles for the deep comfort of Western seats designed to bear cowboys across kilometers upon kilometers of uninhabited country.
As if that weren't enough, the eager youngster got another job with Santa Anita Raceway, repairing tack and equipment for thoroughbred horses, "That's where I really learned leatherwork," he recalls, expanding into Western and English saddles as well as bridles and assorted gear.
I am certain that English saddles made from British leather are still the best in the world," he said.