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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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After apologising for the delay in replying, she explained: "There are more costs involved when processing Scottish pounds as opposed to English pounds.
November 12, 1984: The English pound note is to disappear after more than 150 years, it emerges.
It was announced the English pound note would be phased out wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean?
He said that the currencies being exchanged most frequently in Makkah and Jeddah are the dollar, euro and English pound, followed by the UAE dirham and the Moroccan dirham.
The price of the 21 Karat English Pound gold coin was set at SYP 55,100, and the 22 karat gold coin at SYP 57,100, while the Syrian gold ounce at SYP 241,200.
Why didn't all those who took the English pound or French Euro do the same?
But when I opened it on the boat I found 80 quid in it, in English pound notes.
No price has been announced but expect something around 55,000 English pound for the super estate.
1984: Quid notes out - pound coins in The English pound note is to disappear after more than 150 years.
And here, a folio of Shakespeare's plays that sold for one English pound in 1632.
The CBK daily bulletin also reported the English pound at KD 0.
This is a welcome addition to our Branch Library and because of the low English pound it was a good time to purchase these films.
3 Sources: Ofwat: Environmental Agency: Scottish Executive; Northern Ireland Office [pounds sterling] = English pound sterling * 2003, FY beginning April 1st ([dagger]) National: subsidy lowers actual bills ([double dagger]) 2001 1.
For the first few days she was handing out 10 dollar tips thinking they were the equivalent of an English pound.