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However, the Italian striker defended his fashion sense, stating that an English person has no right to speak about fashion to an Italian.
As an English person I''m not proud of the way my country has operated since the waring factions of whom they were initially composed were unified and embarked on an imperialist path.
The thing about the Queen is she's just an ordinary English person with a great sense of humour," he said.
On a visit to America I actually heard another English person complain that the Americans were too friendly towards Asians.
There's a preference for an English person or a British person but in the end we want the best person.
Shakespeare is just about the most famous English person that ever lived but people know little about him.
I want to get an English person because I'm not American.
By "others", of course, I mean England - a nation which for years has been snatching the cream of Welsh talent to perform duties no self-respecting English person would ever do.
The place they say is "overrun with the buggers" and "they're pushing the English person to one side".
It was the same for me as for every England fan and every English person when we lost last time - it was disastrous for us as a nation," Beckham said.
Sartorial indulgence in "French luxury goods" serves as a conduit for "the vice of pride associated with this disease [that] penetrates England" (134), an image frequently discovered in period English literature: "The trope of the Frenchified English person, who has lost his or her own national identity in his obsession with French fashion, is common" (146).
In the 1960s, any English person with five pounds and a trade could get their entire family shipped out to Australia to help populate the country, so English society still held a big influence over Australia in the 1970s and we pretty much got the punk thing straight away.
Principal investigator Dr Richard Mitchell said after taking account of personal economic circumstances, health behaviours and blood chemistry, including cholesterol levels, the average Scot is still 50% more likely to have heart disease than the average English person.
If it is not received loud and clear the future of the team in Euro 2004, not to mention the reputation of every English person abroad, will be destroyed.
And Brisbane girl Trudy Parsons, 26, added: "I don't want to speak to an English person ever again.