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medium to large deciduous European oak having smooth leaves with rounded lobes

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There are other varieties but the English oak is the most well-known.
English oak trees are dedicated at Hemlington Lake, in memory of those who died in the First World War 130715TREES_07 PETER REIMANN
In addition to traditional trees including English Oak, Poplar and Scot's Pine, Whitings installed 18 Pollarded Willows with girths of 70cm to frame and showcase the landscape, mitigating views of the car park but allowing vistas of the wider landscape.
They had a surprise when the Mirfield Show committee gave the school an eight-year-old English oak.
London, Feb 27 (ANI): When it comes to telling the difference between an English oak or a sycamore, one third of Britons might score a zero, according to a new study.
The planting scheme, coordinated by Phil Hart, Grounds Maintenance Customer Officer for West Wiltshire District Council, includes the use of traditional Yew, English Oak and Silver Birch--all species indigenous to the area.
Officials have launched a new environmentally-friendly policy, and to mark the move planted a sapling English oak at the Mons Hill campus.
If you keep in mind that veneer from an English oak can be worth $7 a square foot, the total replacement cost for the oaks was prohibitively expensive.
English Oak was used extensively throughout Michael Hopkins & Partners' award-winning Norwich Cathedral visitors' centre.
However, for those folks looking for other varieties of trees or who don't want to grow a tree from seed, consider ordering one of the special tree kits that include such names as Audubon English Oak, Saratoga Black Locust, Lover's Live Oak or the Elvis Presley Weeping Willow.
Gomersall was quoted as saying the ''Green Alliance'' project to plant English oak trees in 190 places throughout Japan this year is proceeding well.
The courthouse does, however, sport English oak paneling, a 45,000-square-foot glass wall overlooking the harbor, "spacious waterfront chambers for judges, and a five-story Great Hall.
This particular area of land was planted up with young trees (at public expense), about 20 years ago, of a variety of native species, including English oak, hawthorn, field maple and ash trees.
THIS new architect-designed five-bedroom house - featuring Welsh slate and English oak - has bags of style.
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