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the people of England


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Patriotic lines have become blurred in an era when the Scottish squash champion Peter Nicol can ask to adopt English nationality for future competitions.
Alien Nation: Nineteenth-Century Gothic Fictions and English Nationality (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997).
A Marrano could claim English nationality for purposes of bringing goods through English customs, and Portuguese nationality in that country.
They would more and more appreciate the value of their national identity, and English nationality would thus be much more highly prized than the present British nationality.
There are a few clangers, too, notably the continental woodcut on page 103 being given English nationality (and is a sackbut player really a "sackbutter?
The notion that English nationality was waiting to be forged rather than already existing is assumed rather than discussed.
Allerton analyses Modern English nationality words.
Ben held dual Australian and English nationality but always referred to Liverpool as his home and spoke with a Liverpool accent.
In the minds of this Government there is no such thing as an English nationality, or England apparently, only Welsh, Scottish and Irish.
It took him four years to gain English nationality in 1992.
Like Gareth, he's got the lot - youth, ability, a lovely left foot and English nationality.
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