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The persuasiveness of the argument does not go much further than the following abstraction: "Thus English verse is to humanist poetics and the English nation is to human civilization as diverse members are to the mystical body of Christ" (73).
A resentful English nation will, I expect, then finally lose patience with the UK political and economic system.
Part 2, "Beyond Translation," examines material from Bronte, Eliot, and Martineau's autobiographical writings, personal and business correspondence, and journalism in order to explicate the discursive strategies these women employed in representing and asserting professional authority as public educators for the English nation.
These caveats aside, Djordjevic's study offers an important contribution to continuing scholarly conversations about historiography, the formation of the English nation, and the role the chronicles play in shaping early modern and contemporary readers' understanding of English political history.
While the scope of Duggett s book limits its appeal for scholars of the fantastic, his attention to Gothic buildings as a metaphor for the English nation provides a useful reminder of the rich political history interred in English fantasy.
Queen and country; the relation between the monarch and the people in the development of the English nation.
Furthermore, Hammond's stance on the nation seems to build on and at the same time contest the understandings of the English nation which crystallized in the British political thought of the 18th--19th centuries.
Lievremont decided to focus on the English nation as a whole.
Homi Bhabha comments on this episode in "DissemiNation," arguing that Rosa can be read as the allegorical figure of the English nation, or more precisely, of pedagogical Englishness:
As much as I would like us to leave the EU, I would be even more keen for us to leave the United Kingdom and have an independent English Nation.
when the English nation realises that it is a great and true book, there will be a revolution in this country".
Despite horrendous city centre traffic, he maintained a wonderful humour and good grace and restored a little pride in an English nation fairly bereft of it.
Among such earlier moments and processes, particular attention has been paid to the early modern period (notably by Bernhard Klein), the later Middle Ages (as in the volume Imagining a Medieval English Nation, edited by Kathy Lavezzo), the thirteenth and early fourteenth century (by Thorlac Turville-Petre), and, above all, Anglo-Saxon England (with seminal contributions from Nicholas Howe, Sarah Foot and Kathleen Davis).
This emphasis on didacticism informs the choice of domestic or national themes, in which the fate of the English nation is shown to depend, in newly literal terms, on the virtue of female protagonists such as Lady Jane Grey.
Green's metaphysics and moral-political philosophy can be gained from examining his writings, lectures and speeches as expressions of a cultural politics informed by a particular view of the history of Protestantism and of the English nation.
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