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It could mean that Manlevelt was English, or might simply mean that he was a member of the English nation at the University of Paris, one of four nations there into which members of the Arts faculty were divided by geographical origin, in this case, anyone from Britain or from the Germanic and Slavic speaking countries.
If you do find it necessary to win this evening, with the whole of the English nation and a lot of heavily-invested sponsors urging you on, please, please can you make sure you deny the Aussies a losing bonus point.
The English nation is never so great as in adversity.
It flies in the face of everything the English nation has worked for and I have never felt so let down by my country or government.
Underlying each argument is the earl's belief that the aristocracy should be the leading, if not central, body governing the English nation.
Navigating between Chaucerian diction and the more modish works of Ariosto, Spenser set out to reform epic for the English nation.
Although the universities nationally reflected and responded to the growing optimism and flexibility in the English nation in their instruction, Sidney Sussex remained "moderate" because inflexibly scholastic, a Puritan establishment.
6) His essay, 'The Land Speaks: Cartography, Chorography, and Subversion in Renaissance England', allowed us to see writing and mapping as interrelated and ideologically creative practices that, on Helgerson's account, shifted authority and political agency from the rulers who sponsored new technologies of ownership and sovereignty to those artists and artisans who developed actual new ways of describing, measuring, and mapping the English nation.
The persuasiveness of the argument does not go much further than the following abstraction: "Thus English verse is to humanist poetics and the English nation is to human civilization as diverse members are to the mystical body of Christ" (73).
A resentful English nation will, I expect, then finally lose patience with the UK political and economic system.
Part 2, "Beyond Translation," examines material from Bronte, Eliot, and Martineau's autobiographical writings, personal and business correspondence, and journalism in order to explicate the discursive strategies these women employed in representing and asserting professional authority as public educators for the English nation.
While the scope of Duggett s book limits its appeal for scholars of the fantastic, his attention to Gothic buildings as a metaphor for the English nation provides a useful reminder of the rich political history interred in English fantasy.
Queen and country; the relation between the monarch and the people in the development of the English nation.
Henry V accepted the penalties of misspent youth, however, by respecting the law and thus restoring the English nation, as can be witnessed in the campaigns and speeches surrounding the victory at Agincourt.
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