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John Denham is Professor of English Identity and Politics, and Director of the Centre for English Identity and Politics at the University of Winchester.
Crucially, vitally, it's people with a stronger sense of English identity who feel strongest about both the EU and the UK and England's place within the UK.
Birmingham MPs Liam Byrne (Lab Hodge Hill) and Shabana Mahmood (Lab Ladywood), and city councillor Caroline Badley, warned that people in England increasingly think of themselves as English - but Labour tries to ignore English identity and prefers to talk about Britain instead.
Building on Richard Helgerson's view that Elizabethan maps "move away from the concept of the nation as embodied by its ruler towards the nation as rooted in an expanse of land" (43), Hertel argues that the period's atlases, surveys, and chorographies risked carving up the landscape into a patchwork of local topographies, but they could also invite readers to rise above their regional differences in the name of a shared English identity.
This island, once a prison for Napoleon, preserves a pre-1960s English identity, according to Royle.
Even the Englishness associated with the William Shakespeare celebrated in New York in 1916 was adjusted to express more an American than an English identity (Monika Smialkowska).
Our research really serves to reinforce that view, if they have become the voice of English identity.
Dr Mycock said: "St George's Day offers a growing number of people an opportunity to celebrate their English identity, though they are less sure how the day should be marked.
Central to Brackmann's thesis is the claim that AngloSaxon England was a concept developed by Tudor researchers, and that it was foundational to the Elizabethan English identity that Cecil and others wished to create.
Even though those divides are palpable, there has been a stronger sense of an English identity which encompasses and embraces regional divides.
Deacon emphasizes how the Cornish moved smoothly between ethnic distinction and normative English identity in diasporic communities.
Owning the Middle Ages" speaks of English identity.
In her third and last section she looks at the relationships between language, 'literature', libraries, 'incomers', the relationship between sacred texts and evangelisation and that between secular histories and the growth of an English identity, King Alfred's importance, and the importance of libraries.
The exercise here, as throughout the book, is one of intertextuality, 'their figuration of Irish space, English identity and contemporary events in Ireland' (p.
Inasmuch as the English polity has maintained a carefully crafted balance between church and state, and English identity has for centuries been closely linked to a Christian one, the treasures of Lambeth Palace are of great interest.