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Birmingham MPs Liam Byrne (Lab Hodge Hill) and Shabana Mahmood (Lab Ladywood), and city councillor Caroline Badley, warned that people in England increasingly think of themselves as English - but Labour tries to ignore English identity and prefers to talk about Britain instead.
One obstacle to the promotion of an English identity has been uncertainty about who is included.
They do little, I think, to help us understand the nature and implications of a gathering sense of English identity or the emergence of England, rather than Britain, as the imagined community with which people are increasingly disposed to identify.
The dominant image of the English identity was very much rooted in the culture of the landed gentry, associated with institutions such as the country house and a romanticism about the pre-modern rural image.
Owning the Middle Ages" speaks of English identity.
In her third and last section she looks at the relationships between language, 'literature', libraries, 'incomers', the relationship between sacred texts and evangelisation and that between secular histories and the growth of an English identity, King Alfred's importance, and the importance of libraries.
Whether watching antiquarian John Stow pause over a Hebrew inscription in a repurposed stone in Ludgate wall, an inscription recasting London's supposedly originary civic structures themselves as culturally hybrid and polychronic, or noting the King's Men's interest in using the histrionics associated with other companies' Eastern despot characters to stage their own theatrical pre-eminence, Harris deftly illustrates how the cultural materials of English identity were both constructed of and discomfited by narratives of others' pasts and futures.
He will say: 'Put more simply, while I might claim my right to have the particularities of an English identity fully recognised, I have a duty, on that basis, to respect and honour the identities of all other ways of life in their particularities.
This is equivalent to the English using Jeremy Bentham and Purcell as representatives of English identity and culture.
Under this scheme, beef which has been born, raised and slaughtered in England will be eligible to be sold under the Quality Standard carrying an English identity.
But what of English identity, why are we still denied the same considerations or the same respect as our immediate neighbours?
If our only response is to turn away in disgust, then we risk losing the flag of St George as a symbol of a new, inclusive English identity.
Miss Butcher, an Oxford history graduate, said: 'One-England seeks to explore and celebrate English identity but it's harder to do this in a nation that doesn't know where it came from.
While we find English identity is underdeveloped and anxious, and Scotland is debating whether to stay British or not, the Welsh seem ahead in their confidence that pride in modern Wales, its history, its traditions and its sporting teams, is fully compatible with a strong British identity too.
We can then focus on our Geordie identify and forget our English identity.