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broad spreading rough-leaved elm common throughout Europe and planted elsewhere

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When some of the floors were renewed, the improvers managed to source some of the last commercially available English elm to do the job properly, quite something following the elm disease disaster.
Some new areas of flooring upstairs used up rare resources of English elm following the epidemic of 20 years ago, American elm having to do for one remaining room.
Mr David Rose, the commission's forestry pathologist, said the only way to preserve the English elm was to maintain it at a low height, ideally in hedges, until a way to halt the spread of the disease was found.
And attempts in northern Europe to combine the English Elm with disease resistant strains, such as the Asiatic Elm, result in trees which look nothing like the English variety.
The garden will be filled with mature English Elms and familiar hedgerow plants evoking a shared memory of the British Countryside and a cultural heritage.
As English elms were wiped out in the 1970s, the elm comes from Scotland - but this is singularly appropriate as Joyce's forebears were from North of the Border and her daughter Heather lives in Edinburgh.
Golden-leafed English elms bracket the gate, while a butter yellow tulip tree and a few birches beckon from inside.
After systematically sampling their countryside, the pathologists realized that this aggressive strain was spreading and killing English elms, which like the American version were much beloved for a great variety of landscaping purposes.
Thousands of a new generation of trees have already been struck down and English elms in the region could be facing extinction within months.
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