English cocker spaniel

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a small breed with wavy silky hair

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Melbourne, May 26 (ANI): Thanks to their floppy ears, they seem like one of the most innocent-looking breed of dogs, but a new study has found that English cocker spaniels are actually world's most aggressive canines.
The English cocker spaniel leads the way with seven Best-in-Show titles.
Laci and Keesha, a 7-year-old English cocker spaniel with a glistening black coat and stubby tail that wags nonstop (``We call that her happy meter,'' said handler Darlene Fraschetti), are two of 11 dogs that work the hospital corridors.
Bronson, a female English cocker spaniel, will be by Jayne's side when she marries her partner, Nick Pickering, at Bagden Hall Hotel in Scissett tomorrow.
Tyler Tolman of Orem, Utah, was the lucky 200,000th person to enroll his new dog, Bunker, a six-month-old English Cocker Spaniel adopted from the Lost Paws organization in Provo, Utah, into the ShelterCare program.
Together with the Lab, the English Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel -- ranked 75th and 28th respectively in the U.
QMy English cocker spaniel, Tessa, seems to get a lot of problems with her anal glands.
Kennedy owned a Welsh Terrier named "Charlie," an Irish Wolfhound aptly named "Wolf," a German Shepherd Dog named "Clipper," and an English Cocker Spaniel named "Shannon.
The other dog that died, a 13-year-old English cocker spaniel named Mr.
You selected and brought home your field-bred English springer spaniel or English cocker spaniel .
This isn't the case with the English cocker spaniel, a close cousin.
Having an adult GSP and setter, Haupt bought Barbara her own black, field-bred English cocker spaniel.