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black tea grown in China

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Two ex-pat Geordies - John Lucas and Ian Geddes - have lived in the US for many years, and they were keen to boost the number of overseas customers by introducing their childhood tea to the growing number of people looking for the perfect cup of English tea in America.
New English Teas are selling the finest homegrown blends to top hotels in Beijing and Shanghai.
A handful of wellbehaved children, between the ages of three and 11, are then selected at random to take tea with the head - involving all the trimmings of a proper English tea, including sandwiches and proper china.
In the heart of Zurich, at the famous shopping mall 'Bahnhofstrasse', you find the Carlton Restaurant, which is all set to kick-start the English Tea Culture as of this October.
I get everyone hooked on English tea,'' she said, cradling a cup of blended mocha coffee.
95) comes with a porcelain teacup, little dipper infusing ball, English tea cakes and apricot-honey spread.
The 60ft tent was put on auction site eBay, along with an invite for a cup of English tea with the duchess in the Alnwick tree house.
Also part of the enjoyment of the Rose Garden is an elegant English tea.
Mr Jones, a lecturer in ceramics at Wolverhampton Univer-sity, is best known for his raku-fired pots styled on Japanese and English tea ceremonies.
The Park Hyatt Los Angeles at Century City also features a health club with indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool, sundecks, saunas and the full complement of state-of-the-art exercise equipment; the Park Grill restaurant offering fine dining at every meal overlooking a beautifully landscaped garden; traditional English tea each afternoon; live piano entertainment in a club-style cocktail lounge; a variety of distinctive specialty shops; and several state-of-the-art function rooms, complete with video conferencing capabilities for conferences, board meetings, banquets, and other business and social events.
A traditional English tea party marked the celebration of St George's Day in Alvechurch, Worcs, yesterday.
Teachers planned to take a moment to show their appreciation with an English tea in the school's cafeteria - complete with traditional British brew and watercress sandwiches.
A specially-created tea bar will be erected inside the Dome and Typhoo has promised that it will bear almost no resemblance to the image of the traditional English tea shop.
Preserving the social graces of a simpler time, Sue Bedwell will be sharing her secret recipe Tuesday for creating tranquil moments and good conversation at an old-fashioned English Tea.
In Sunland, five members of the Mayflower Club, a British social club, gathered to watch the funeral at the home of Babs Crone, who served cucumber sandwiches and English tea.
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