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the revolution against James II

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34) Nigel Smith suggests that the ownership of language was a central point of dispute in the English revolution, and that the question of linguistic 'monopoly' was a revolutionary element of the Leveller programme.
Braddick provides an overview of the volume as a whole against the backdrop of the major historiographic trends from the "progressive" approaches that assumed the English revolution was a watershed moment in European history through the revisionism that has dismantled that older view.
Philip Major, Literatures of Exile in the English Revolution and its Aftermath, 1640-1690, Ashgate, 2010, pp.
THE financial failings of Glasgow Rangers may have provided the catalyst that could bring to an end the Auld Firm showdowns - and cause an English revolution.
Twenty-five years ago, Christopher Hill titled a book The Intellectual Origins of the English Revolution (Oxford: Clarendon, 1965), showing how Puritan ideas changed the world.
This 'national portrait gallery' continues with images not only of the Stuart monarchs, but also, as the political context changed, of the leading figures of the English Revolution.
Lord Avebury replied that the result of failing to heed the will of the people led to the English revolution in 1649.
Against divine right autocracies, this new philosophy upheld the principle of the social contract and of the consent of the governed, and constituted the foundation of the English Revolution of 1688, the American Revolution of 1775 and the French Revolution of 1789.
This theory, called the Divine Right of Kings, was officially dropped following the English Revolution, but it clearly lives on in spirit.
Digger Barley' is a distribution of several kilos of barley seeds harvested from St George's Hill in Surrey, a site of land occupations and common agriculture during the English Revolution.
Smith exposes the tensions between the demands of cartographical precision and the growing anxieties and uncertainties spawned by mid-seventeenth-century political upheavals (the English Revolution, regicide, etc.
The English revolution of 1688 ended the divine right of kings and established the supremacy of Parliament over the executive.
Gold Tried in the Fire": The Prophet TheaurauJohn Tany and the English Revolution.
MARTIN O'Neill believes he can shoot Ashley Young into international stardom by keeping him at Villa Park at the centre of his English revolution.
132), but that in the years leading up to the English Revolution it became a crucial marker of political allegiance (p.