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a popular tourist area in northwestern England including England's largest lake and highest mountain


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The stratigraphy, correlation, provenance and palaeogeography of the Skiddaw Group (Ordovician) in the English Lake District.
The distant prospect of Lake George reminded her of the English Lake district, where she had lived but, alas, on closer inspection all trace of water seemed to vanish.
As a scholar of Romanticism, Lindop has written extensively about the essayist and addict De Quincey and also about the landscape poetry of the English Lake District.
If a bargain caravan is not to your liking and a tent's not really your cup of tea, you can fulfil your craving for luxury without putting too big a dent in your pocket in the English Lake District.
Although Constable didn't travel very far during his life, he did go to the English Lake District and the Peak District of Derbyshire to paint hills and mountains.
An enthusiastic traveller in pursuit of romantic landscapes - he even visited the English Lake District - Fearnley painted this crisp view in the Bavarian Alps in 1832.
Jamie Stewardson, 11, came across the Iron Age blade in a field near his home in Hawkshead in the English Lake District.
Meyer became a leader and pioneer in this enterprise through his involvement with the annual Keswick Convention, held from 1875 up to the present time in the town of that name in the beautiful English Lake District.
THE English Lake District could prove an attractive proposition for anyone looking for a quality home as an investment.
Compared to Devon or the English Lake District, visitor numbers are small.
Go to the English Lake District and you can expect sunshine and showers.
Both Dounreay and Sellafield reprocess nuclear fuel, and both are located in secluded areas: Dounreay at the tip of Scotland about 300 miles north of Edinburgh and Sellafield near the English Lake District.
Colony Gift Corporation Ltd was founded in 1979 as a small family business in the English Lake District, where its headquarters, production facility and two warehousing sites are still located.
She and her fiance, Andy Sill, will be travelling to Langdale Chase in the English Lake District for their marriage ceremony.
Her stewardship is still evident in the a large tracts of land that she donated to the National Trust in what is now the English Lake District.
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