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a powerful short-haired terrier originated in England by crossing the bulldog with terriers

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Liz, 46, who owns a rescue home for English bull terriers called Beds for Bullies, said: "I heard about Eric's plight on social media in March and I was just heartbroken for him.
English bull terrier Tara's mange was allowed to get so bad the five-year-old had almost no hair when RSPCA inspectors found her
English bull terrier Wendy, being cared for by North Clwyd Animal Rescue, is to play Bullseye in the stage show Oliver
Harvey is a 10-month-old English Bull Terrier cross who arrived at the home very underweight.
1999 Target introduces Bull's-eye, the English bull terrier with the Target logo on his eye, in a TV commercial.
Molly the English Bull Terrier and her owner were visiting Redcar beach from Norton in Stockton when the pet ran into the sea after a ball.
With a reminder of his notoriety for sending a wrong horse to the races on three occasions, Mann poked fun at himself on his Christmas card with the caption, "Now which one shall I put the saddle on", under the picture of the family's five English bull terrier pups - all for sale at pounds 800 a time.
I was very grateful to read that England's Princess Anne's dog, Dotty, a three-year-old English bull terrier who bit two children will not be put to death, after Princess Anne pleaded guilty to charges of losing control of her dog (News Lite, Nov.
That left his English Bull Terrier Savo without a human counterpart at Villa Park.
Not even for Beryl, the rather tragic-looking abandoned English bull terrier, who turns up with a bizarre growth hanging from her stomach that puts Paul in mind of "an old man's testicle".
The woman, who is in her 50s, was walking her dog in the park area off Tomkinson Road on Tuesday when a white dog - believed to be an English bull terrier - entered the park and attacked her pet.
He chose Ali as he was an English bull terrier, a breed which appears in his favourite childhood film Toy Story.
English bull terrier English bull terrier Stan fell 150ft on to Stan fell 150ft on to Loch Ness shore Loch Ness shore while out with Ricky while out with Ricky Simpson and partner Simpson and partner Pollyanna Preston.
STRICKEN English bull terrier Boudicca is back in the swim after losing her leg at 10 days old when she was savaged by her mother for being the runt.
ANIMALS FOR HOMES Storm (317) is a brindle English bull terrier.