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the people of England

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the discipline that studies the English language and literature

(sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist


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PRIZE GUY: Newcastle Diamonds' Sean Stoddart receives the team's Diamond of the Year trophy from Joan Englis President of the Newcastle Speedway Supporters Club PICTURE: STEVE BROCK
Robert (88); Thomas, John (110); Hodges, Jane (166); Jones, France (189); Englis, Edward (271); Wilson, William (281); Smith, Margaret (300); Reed, Edward (302); Barney, William (311); ?
Basil Englis and Michael Solomon, professors of marketing in the School of Business at Rutgers University, have studied the effects of brand consumption, particularly how college students cluster around top-brand knowledge.
These works of William Tyndale," he wrote, "being compiled, published, and sent over into England, it cannot be spoken what a door of light they opened to the eyes of the whole Englis h nation, which before were many years shut up in darkness.
He did not just write novels; he introduced new ways of telling stories to Englis h literature'.
Right back Mark Carlisle, who had scored only once before in more than 270 games, gave Linfield keeper Neil Englis no chance with a stunning volley from 25 yards.
It's our league, our English league and they should respect it" - proud John Bull figure PAUL GASCOIGNE rubbishes the whingeing foreigners in the Englis h game.
Marci Englis sparked Crescenta Valley with 58 assists, while Tracy Jackson had 16 kills and 20 digs for the 2-3 Falcons.
Stacy moved frequently as a child because of her meant her dys She explaine three years to went to Englis "Because w schools didn't "I hid it a lot r father's job, which slexia was never spotted.
ur "Seeing the company perform with Englis National Ballet and Scottish Ballet in Dance GB i 2012 to mark the Olympics was a special momen that I will treasure forever.
Julian Schuster will be joining our Webster family as Provost," said Dorothy Marshall Englis, co-chair of the Provost and Senior Vice President Search Committee.
But, as usual, the Englis side will go into the contest having played more tria games and more comp games and that often proves crucial.
Those two studies seem to be consistent with Waggle and Englis, 2000, finding that higher net worth investors invest more in equities than lower net worth groups.
FOOTBALL club owner Davi Sullivan said he was "shocked" have been arrested in relation to a corruption inquiry into Englis football
AN ENGLIS HFA official last week attempted to smoot hover the lack of Watford supporters at there cent FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United with the comment: 'They didn't think they could win'.