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a low area that has been filled in

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Our work falls under these problems of management of the landfill leachate and its evolution in the engineered landfill of Ain Temouchent.
The schematic diagram (Figure 3) shows the details of an engineered landfill.
Metalcasting sand provides the right gradation and permeability for leachate to be tested and collected by the respective landfill," said Lenahan, whose company has been involved in such engineered landfill uses.
During the clean up, highly contaminated soil was removed, and soil with lower levels of contamination was put in an engineered landfill on the site.
Commenting on the sale and transfer, Chris Jonas, Director of Business Development for Viridor, said: Whilst recognising the contribution of modern, engineered landfill as both a secure residual waste disposal option and as a the pioneer of British renewable energy in its day, a firm focus on recycling and investment in energy recovery is hastening an end to its legacy use.
BEAREHAVEN owns a 700+ acre fully engineered landfill site in Virginia now carried on the books at $5.
South Dublin County Council (SDCC) currently owns a closed engineered landfill, Arthurstown landfill licensed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
During the visit, the delegation was provided with full access to Bee'ah's state-of-the-art waste management systems from the material recovery facility to the construction & demolition waste recycling facility, the tyre recycling facility, the engineered landfill site and the space dedicated for the waste-to-energy plant.
2005 - i-3258 of 19 December 2005,- Engineered landfill The Moliere located in the town of Pignan installation classified for environmental protection (item No.
Completed in 2011, Qatar's Domestic Solid Waste Management Centre (DSWMC), the first of its type in the GCC, comprises a waste sorting and recycling facility, an engineered landfill, a composting plant, and a 1,500 tonnes per day capacity waste-to-energy incineration plant.
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