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a member of the military who is trained in engineering and construction work

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Further the Engineer troops of the army had also provided their technical expertise to measure water levels in the site with a view of observing any further developments.
We pushed class I to the engineer troops near the forward line of troops, and the first sergeants from the troops located in the rear came to pick up hot chow for their Soldiers.
All of the student-officers served with the companies of engineer troops at Willets Point.
In the early stages, Engineer troops will be at a premium, so the main objective should be the efficient planning, supervision, and coordination of these units to attain the maximum of results quickly by the minimum of overall engineer effort.
Major Nathaniel Michler, acting chief engineer of the Army of the Potomac, later remarked that "the facility, ease and promptness with which a thoroughly trained body of engineer troops can accomplish such important duties, also bear testimony to the zeal, energy, and ability displayed by both officers and men, and to the important services rendered by this arm of the service, not only during the weary marches of a long and trying campaign, but also in the preparation and execution of the more tedious [later] operations of the siege [of Petersburg].
The August 1929 version--FM 5-5, Engineer Field Manual, Volume I and Volume II--contained information on engineer troops (Volume I) and military field engineering (Volume II).
Engineer troops are brought into the country in sufficient numbers to perform temporary repair and minimal maintenance.
Engineers responded to the increased demand for engineer troops by adjusting boundaries within the division, corps, and even army zones of operation.
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