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a member of the military who is trained in engineering and construction work

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To counteract the notion that engineers could not fight, Major Abbot saw to it that much attention was given to marksmanship; and engineer troops often entered and won shooting matches held around the country.
The bridge was built simultaneously from both shores by successive rafts, a process well described in Major Duane's Manual for Engineer Troops, published in 1862.
In 1943, as the material grew in content and nature, FM 5-5 was split into two manuals: FM 5-5, Engineer Field Manual: Engineer Troops, published in October 1943, and FM 5-6, Engineer Field Manual: Operations of Engineer Field Units, published in April 1943.
Engineer troops are brought into the country in sufficient numbers to perform temporary repair and minimal maintenance.
Engineers responded to the increased demand for engineer troops by adjusting boundaries within the division, corps, and even army zones of operation.
The division engineer troop component of one combat battalion proved without exception to be incapable of providing sufficient close support for a division.
Its establishment of an Engineer Corps and an improvised organization of dedicated engineer troops gained the Confederacy numeric superiority with regard to its engineers.
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