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an architectural decoration formed by two intersecting wavy bands

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It has what I call engine turning on the bolt, a 24" barrel, the lever is color case-hardened and the fore-end is larger than most Model 99s.
Over a long run, much of which involved thirsty motorway pace, I was rewarded with 52mpg, the engine turning over at a leisurely 2,300 revs in sixth gear.
8 turbo diesel engine turning out a maximum 127bhp at 3,600 rpm.
Given our position on the flight deck and my desire to maintain radio communication with tower, I chose to leave the right engine turning and to fire the halon bottle for the left engine.
This reduces the noise and vibration that accompanies conventional propulsion (one large engine turning slowly and driving a propeller).
At Bishton Silversmiths (founded 1889) such rarified skills as rose engine turning and silver spinning are still carried out, but by a generation of craftsmen for whom it may be difficult to find replacements.