Carnot cycle

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a cycle (of expansion and compression) of an idealized reversible heat engine that does work without loss of heat

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For thermodynamic analysis of moto engine cycles the assumption is made that the same amount of air (absolutely dry in this case) present in the plate's cavities is used in the cycle.
0]RA angle, which characterizes the piston position during the engine cycle, due to the clearer visualization of the distribution phases.
GT-SUITE, anchored by the market leading engine cycle simulation software, GT-POWER, is the only truly integrated simulation tool capable of modeling the entire engine, vehicle, and powertrain, including the base engine itself, cooling system, fuel injection and other hydraulic systems, lubrication system, and driveline and vehicle.
Fuel burn reduction technologies matured in this contract will enable higher engine cycle efficiency through increased operating pressure and turbine inlet temperature.
The lack of success was due to the engine cycle being unable to accomplish its maximum output through only 360 degrees of motion.
The SSST engine, designated MARC-R-282, is based on the Variable Flow Ducted Rocket (VFDR) ramjet engine cycle.
The digital injector is designed to provide very high injection pressure, good small quantity control and high safety due to low pressure in the nozzle during most of the engine cycle.
We continue to pave new technological ground each day, currently developing and test firing the first new liquid rocket engine cycle in the last 35 years.
Designed to optimize engine cycle time and increase device productivity, the imageRUNNER 200L's print controller technology is supported by 3.
This is the first new liquid engine cycle in the last 35 years dating back to the development days of the Space Shuttle's Main Engine.
By using this state-of-the-art equipment, Flowmaster's engineering staff can track the complete engine cycle in millionths of a second and can obtain exact readings of each degree of cam rotation, from induction to the tip of the exhaust system.
The system provides reliable, seamless switching between modes within one engine cycle that is undetectable by the driver.
Based on an evolutionary improvement of the diesel engine cycle, the new Limited-Temperature Cycle engine-control operating system achieves NOx compliance below 1.
With print controller technology designed to optimize engine cycle time and increase device productivity, the imageRUNNER 210 Series feature 3.