Carnot cycle

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a cycle (of expansion and compression) of an idealized reversible heat engine that does work without loss of heat

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Such system, based on a National Instruments cRio 9082, receives from OBI (indicating system) the calculated indicated quantities (torque and CA50) via CAN bus and acquires at high frequency both accelerometer signal (50 kHz) and the digital signal coming from the crankshaft speed sensor (20 MHz), used to determine the angular location of the block acceleration signal within the engine cycle.
For thermodynamic analysis of moto engine cycles the assumption is made that the same amount of air (absolutely dry in this case) present in the plate's cavities is used in the cycle.
The acquisition gave Haldex a very nice suite of 'green' products--Alfdex preventing blow-by gases, Varivent delivering 3 to 5% fuel savings, the variable flow oil pumps, depending on engine cycle getting between 1 and 5% fuel savings and the variable flow water pump around 2 to 3%.
This controller observes what an engine cycle is doing, makes measurements in that period of time, reduces that data and decides how you need to push the engine in the next cycle," said Drallmeier.
To switch from four to two-stroke operation, the speed of the valvetrain is doubled to produce twice the number of firing pulses per engine cycle, giving the engine its power boost.
The pattern of variation and the peak-firing pressure vary from one power cylinder to the next, both in aggregate and in any engine cycle.
One uses hydrogen fuel to cool core compressor air; a second uses hydrogen to cool the turbine cooling air, allowing higher operating temperatures; and a third takes waste heat from the engine exhaust into the fuel, so that this heat is restored to the engine cycle.
The Rankine cycle is a heat engine cycle that describes the thermodynamic transformations that occur in a water-based NPP.
The engine was a 4-stroke and the encoder gave an output two TDC signal per engine cycle so to have the right crank shaft position.
Calibration maps are usually optimized against an engine cycle to ensure the engine produces emission levels that meet the regulatory requirements.
engine: engine brand, starting system, engine cycle, kawasaki, 12-volt key start, 4-cycle, 31 hp.
During the engine cycle some unburned fuel and fresh air pass directly through, which contributes to the emissions of volatile organics.
We need funding to build a ground-based demonstrator with a pre-cooler and turbo machinery, driven by helium, to prove the thermodynamics of the full engine cycle.