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a room (as on a ship) in which the engine is located


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At that stage officers and engineers took control of the engine control room of the ship.
Because the engine control room and the captain's bridge were the locations of the king gauges, measurements were also made in those two areas.
An automated engine control system, monitoring nearly 6,000 different points to verify that all areas are operating within set limits, is linked to several graphic display stations on the bridge and in the engine control room.
This is the marine version of the airline ``black box,'' and records data from the bridge and the engine control room.
Wartsila will also deliver consoles for the bridge and engine control room, including a video wall.
After a quick tour of the engine control room it's off to see the real boys' toys, the mighty MAN engines, which give 45,000 horsepower - equivalent to around 375 family cars.
The monitoring systems, which are installed in the ships' engine control rooms, are set up to monitor the vibration behaviour of the engine gearboxes.
Engine control rooms on ships experience high temperatures and constant vibration.
Calling name display can facilitate the speed and accuracy of critical communications, for instance, those between the wheelhouse and the radio or engine control rooms.
The Enginei system records the fuel consumption data which is presented on board through touchscreen monitors installed on the bridge and in engine control rooms.