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German composer of six operas and other incidental music (1854-1921)


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I like Engelbert Humperdinck but the song choice and his performance were awful.
Even my wee pal Shereen Nanjiani put the boot in via her newspaper column, saying: "I was gobsmacked when it was announced Engelbert Humperdinck is singing the UK's entry at Eurovision.
EUROVISION flop Engelbert Humperdinck yesterday said he was still proud, despite finishing second from bottom on the show, saying: "I sang my heart out.
I WAS at the Engelbert Humperdinck concert at the Armadillo in Glasgow on Friday.
ENGELBERT Humperdinck may be there, but for the hosts there's only one star.
STILL not solved my dilemma for a week tonight - Scotland v Holland at Hampden or Engelbert Humperdinck at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow?
Prepare for a night of cheesy, camp fun as Engelbert Humperdinck attempts to win the flamboyant event for Blighty.
THE UK's oldest man, Bob Taggart, who died this week at 109, said he spent most of his long life listening to Engelbert Humperdinck.
Engelbert Humperdinck tells us about his dream of winning Eurovision for the UK, while Robbie Williams is representing England at Soccer Aid.
Bob's terrific story has already been posted on the official Engelbert Humperdinck website and I'm sure the great man has already raised a glass to his aged fan.
ENGELBERT Humperdinck said he has never thought of splitting up with his wife, despite her claiming he had "more paternity suits than mattresses".
And 14% felt UK entrant Engelbert Humperdinck poses a threat to Jedward.
THE oldest man in Scotland has revealed his secret for a long life - the songs of Engelbert Humperdinck.
3 Guinness World Records naming Engelbert Humperdinck the oldest contestant ever to take part in The Eurovision Song Contest.
In 2012 old codger Engelbert Humperdinck finished 247 points behind a bunch of Russian grannies.