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a ring given and worn as a sign of betrothal

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To answer that concern, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Markle, Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie's engagement rings were compared in value.
1 jewelry store in Yakima WA, Parry Jewelers features a designer collection of engagement rings from many of the top designer jewelry manufacturers like Parade Design, A.
Leading this trend are the celebrities who are known for indulging their partners with the most exquisite platinum engagement rings.
For me, the ring is a Proustian madeleine--I conjure my mother's hand when I put it on--but it's so clearly an engagement ring that I rarely wear it.
We also offer real gold engagement rings for you to pop the question in confidence.
A Bridal Afternoon Tea will be offered to couples who purchase a classic Tiffany Setting engagement ring and a Raffles Bridal Package available from Aug.
Generally, round or cushion-shaped diamond engagement rings will suite more petite hands that have shorter fingers.
Littlewoods Ireland said Irish women are defying a worldwide trend which has seen the amount spent on wedding and engagement rings soar with the rising price of gold.
If diamonds are forever, does the bride-to-be get to keep the engagement ring when the wedding is called off?
The striking engagement ring that Aussie Peter Andre gave her - diamond-studded and taking up the entire first half of ExPErt: Vashi her finger - cost him PS180,000.
While our research shows people spending a large amount on a ring appears to be going out of fashion it is clear that engagement rings are still a little thing that means a lot to many couples planning to walk down the aisle.
A MAN who went to the home of an elderly widow to fix a leaking toilet ended up stealing two engagement rings which were of great sentimental value.
Perley allegedly went into a shop on Thursday asking about engagement rings.
From sparking solitaires to sapphires - more than 100 different engagement rings will be auctioned in Birmingham next week.
Traditional engagement rings are diamonds, but today''s rings can be any gemstone.