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a ring given and worn as a sign of betrothal

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With this in mind, the jewelry store in Austin has added new styles of diamond engagement rings, earrings, bracelets and more to their inventory.
Given that I sometimes also work as an engagement planner, the bridegroom-to-be often asks me a range of questions about what is after all a 'not unimportant' element of the engagement - the engagement ring," Iris said during an interview, explaining her motives for the study.
Littlewoods Ireland said Irish women are defying a worldwide trend which has seen the amount spent on wedding and engagement rings soar with the rising price of gold.
8221; Since consumers do 90% of their research for diamond engagement rings online, it is increasingly more important to provide them unique reasons to go the extra 10%.
Number seven in the list is the British businesswoman Samantha Cameron who received the gorgeous engagement ring from David Cameron in 1994.
She was deeply upset that her own engagement ring, given to her by her late husband in the 1950s, and her late mother's engagement ring dating back to the 1920s, had been lost to the family.
Police say they've recovered the $3,200 engagement ring a US man allegedly swallowed during an attempted jewellery store theft.
And with Valentine's Day just around the corner there will be more than a few men out there eyeing up an engagement ring.
ANYTHING worn or looks like it could be worn by Kate Middleton, especially look-alike engagement rings.
But last night, the apparent wedding and engagement rings were both firmly in place as the couple left Beverly Hills restaurant Madeo.
AMASTER jeweller is ringing the changes for brides-to-be after inventing a tool that means they can keep their engagement rings on their fingers while their wedding bands are being prepared.
They might not call them engagement rings but they don't seem to mind that it's the women who are paying for them
GIVE a big hand to the latest craze - engagement rings for men.
With specially selected matching diamonds, these wedding and engagement rings fit together perfectly.
During the 1890s, mail order catalogs started selling cheap wedding rings and diamond engagement rings as well.