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Synonyms for energy

Synonyms for energy

Synonyms for energy

enterprising or ambitious drive

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

a healthy capacity for vigorous activity

any source of usable power

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the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States

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Benkhadra said that Morocco's energy resources mobilization is one of the Kingdom's new energy strategy's main goals as it enables to ensure supply and reduce energy dependence.
It aims to reduce Europe's energy dependence on Russia.
Against the backdrop of the nation's enormous energy dependence, China's Middle East relations are increasingly vibrant, injecting a sustained vigor into business dealings between the two economies that has lead one analyst to speculate on the development of a new "Silk Road.
While Estonia's energy dependence rate is 30 percent, which is one of the lowest in the European Union, Morocco imports 97 percent of its energy.
The 3,300 kilometer pipeline, expected to be operational in 2014, is meant to reduce EuropeEoACAOs energy dependence on Russia.
EU governments and Turkey signed a transit agreement for the EU and US-backed Nabucco gas pipeline, which aims to reduce Europe's energy dependence on Russia.
EU countries and Turkey have signed a transit deal for the Nabucco gas pipeline, aimed at cutting Europe's energy dependence on Russia, a major political step backers say will boost the project.
At a time when the Bush administration and the expected Republican nominee, John McCain, are arguing that the answer to high gas prices and energy dependence is more drilling, Gore's vision is a thunderclap.
The energy block grant as established by law would enable cities and towns to sustain the innovative programs already underway and give cities in every state in the country an opportunity to contribute to our nation's goals of reducing energy dependence and to fighting the effects of climate change.
Very highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library contemporary fiction collections, "Darkness Falls" is a superbly crafted thriller played out against a backdrop of energy dependence and the possible consequences should every oil well in the world suddenly going dry.
Prince Edward Island, on the country's eastern coast, is already conducting a major experiment to shift its primary energy dependence toward wind and biomass.
At the time the West formulated the thesis of unacceptability of energy dependence on Moscow.
diplomat's warning to the European Union that a prospective gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea could further increase its energy dependence on Russia.
The final group of papers focuses on external relations of the EU, discussing issues of economic integration, Euro-Mediterranean relations, energy dependence and co-operation with the former countries of the Soviet Union, and transatlantic relations.