conservation of energy

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the fundamental principle of physics that the total energy of an isolated system is constant despite internal changes

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energy development projects under the Energy Conservation Law of 1997,
Therefore he had used the dual phase lag heat convection equation with the energy conservation law to obtain the dual phase lag model for heat convection.
But then Wolfgang Pauli proposed that a ghostly new particle, later christened the neutrino, was also emitted in beta decay, carrying precisely enough energy to balance the books and save the energy conservation law.
The paper presents some theoretical aspects of unsteady heat transfer analysis based on the energy conservation law.
But METI's data on fuel and energy consumption, gathered under the energy conservation law, will enable him to estimate major firms' annual emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which comprise 80% of Japan's greenhouse gas emissions, he said.
Special attention is paid to monitoring the local energy conservation law (1.
Offering dramatically improved features, the new version coincides with the implementation of the Revised Energy Conservation Law in April 2010.
When these transformations are applied to the energy conservation law an electroscalar wave propagating with speed of light is obtained.
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